About SOS

The School of Speculation, or SOS, is a new independent design school aimed at pushing back at the rise of vocational, workplace-based training in universities. SOS aims to increase intersectional diversity in design education as well as promoting the Arts as education by bringing together artists, students and designers at the bleeding edge of critical practice.

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Who is SOS?

SOS is an ever-growing partnership between practicing designers, artists, students, cultural institutions, donators and sponsors, existing schools and universities. SOS is a contributor lead organisation, relying on the mutual support that organisations can give one another. We are constructing an alternate funding model for an education based on the collaboration of existing cultural institutions through SOS.

There are numerous ways to participate in SOS; as speakers, tutors, student participant, workshop coordinator, host or sponsor. We are constantly looking for artists andpractitioners to collaborate with, to share their experience and to partner in research. Get in contact if you think you’d be interested in participating in our workshops or otherwise.

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We are currently partnered with London’s Design Museum, The South London Gallery and Anise Gallery and is constantly looking to expand its network of contributors.

Image courtesy of the Design Museum.

Most importantly, SOS is the sum of its participants. SOS has held workshops at many universities in the UK, Europe and US and will host its own inaugural summer school in July 2019. We’re fascinated by curious minds who are looking for a space to challenge the world around them using the power of critical design!

We are interested in talking to anyone from any background who feels that critical designspeaks to them! SOS is constantly looking for participants for its roving workshops andprogrammes which can be fast-paced and demanding but designed to challenge your way ofdesign thinking. Students of all ages and background are thoroughly encouraged to apply toour 2019 summer school.

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