SOS is always looking for collaborators at every level of participation. If you are interested in seeing how you could get involved with us, dont hestitate to get in touch!

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SOS@ roams the educational landscape, presenting and creating workshops centred on our approach at universities and institutions in the UK, Europe and internationally. Our workshops can run from between a half day to week-long takeovers, taking students through our speculative design methodology. SOS will tailor each host event according to the institution.

Our workshops have been extremely successful and can help to support a students’ experience in addition to their full-time course. We’d really like to hear from you if your institution might be interested in hosting SOS@.

Email us at

South London Gallery Fire Station. Photo Johan Dehlin.

Join our fundering circle! We are attempting to create a new model for financing higher education that balances donations with cultural institution support. All donations are welcome and go straight into delivering our aims as an educational organisation.

Our funders are given updates and invites to private events, exhibition openings and marketing opportunities. If you are interested in donating, we’d love to talk more!

Please contact us direct at

The South London Gallery - The Habit. Photo Andy Stagg.


Partner Institution

SOS only works because of the generous support of its partner institutions. We are developing a model of education that spreads its weight across a network of existing and influential cultural institutions in mutual support of their own pedagogical projects.

Our partner institutions each have individual contracts based on their specific needs. SOS’ model is fundamental to these relationships and we realise that outreach education is a goal shared by all our partners.

If your cultural institution shares our goals, please contact us! Email to see how we can support one another.

Image courtesy of The Anise Gallery.



As a student of art, design or architecture, or just an enthusiastic graduate looking for something else, you are encouraged to apply to our inaugural summer school SOS_19!

[SOS_19 Link]

We are often hosting public events around the world - check the SOS.log page to find out more!

[SOS.log Link]

Recontextualising Decontextualising Dagenham (2018). Ryan Cook (SOS Guest Tutor).

Guest Tutor

Our workshops are designed around a traditional tutor / student relationship and we aim to keep our ratio as low as possible, believing that students will develop their thinking through close relationships to mentors and inspirational practitioners just ahead of them.

Our guest tutors help run course, organise daily courses and support our students through our speculative design methodology. Tutors don’t necessarily need prior experience but we do need to know that you are competent in discussion and confident in working in teams and for individuals.

Contact us at and we can talk about how to get you involved.

Building Without Bias (2018). Hannah Rozenberg (SOS_19 Guest Tutor).