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📣 Guest Speakers 📣 

SOS brings together educators and experts on the edge of their disciplines, pushing the remit of traditional design thought. For the 2020 Design Residency SOS has invited a mix of recent graduates, accomplished practitioners, teachers and academics to deliver a course that balances experience, multiple perspectives, youthful dynamism and radical thought.

A curated group of academics and practitioners from the UK and skyped in from the US will provide our students with the cutting edge in critical art practice and academia. These are thinkers and doers we think are redefining today’s economic, artistic and design parameters.

🔸 Nick Srnicek 🔸

Nick Srnicek is a Lecturer in Digital Economy at King's College London. He is the author of Platform Capitalism (Polity, 2016) which sets out a framework for understanding the novelties of businesses like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba – as well as how digital platforms generate new tendencies within our economies. His first book, Inventing the Future (Verso, 2015 with Alex Williams), was an attempt to elaborate an anti-work politics in the context of modern technological changes. With Helen Hester, he is currently finishing a book on social reproduction and anti-work politics entitled After Work: The Fight for Free Time (Verso, 2021).

🔸 Sophie Lewis 🔸

Sophie Lewis is a writer, translator, visiting scholar at the Alice Paul Center of the University of Pennsylvania, and part-time faculty member at the Philadelphia branch of the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. Sophie's interdisciplinary work blends queer feminist theorizing and cultural criticism, interrogating "nature" and social reproduction in an anti-work utopian mode. Her essays have appeared in many journals including Signs, Feminist Theory, Feminist Review, Dialogues in Human Geography, Gender Place and Culture, Viewpoint, Boston Review, Salvage Quarterly, The New Inquiry. The London Review of Books, and The New York Times. Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family (Verso, 2019) is her first book.

🔸 Rosie Strickland  🔸
🔸 Greenpeace UK 🔸

Rosie is a designer and art director at Greenpeace UK. Greenpeace is an independent, international campaigning organisation that holds corporate and government power to account over inaction on climate change and environmental destruction. With a long and successful history in non-violent campaigning for the environment, Greenpeace UK specialises in designing creative direct actions that intervene in physical and narrative public space.

🔸 Anna Bunting-Branch 🔸  
🔸 Aliyah Hussain 🔸

Anna’s work in painting, moving image and writing explores feminist visions and re-visions of history. Taking fan fiction as a model of engagement, Anna remixes elements from a range of sources including theoretical texts, SF stories and archival material to generate new imaginative and narrative resonances. Anna has exhibited recently at the Jerwood Space, Hardwick Gallery, JVA Project Space, Oriel Davies Gallery, Bergen Kunsthall, CCA Glasgow and CGP Dilston Grove amongst others. Anna collaborates with Aliyah Hussain to bring together the Potential Wor(l)ds project.

Aliyah Hussain’s practice approaches themes found within feminist science fiction literature, in particular the possibilities of co-sharing space in domestic or social settings. She works with abstract forms and uses these to construct narratives in order to explore different modes of communication and miscommunication. With a background in performance and an interest in process and material, her work moves across sound, ceramic sculpture, drawing and collage. She has recently exhibited at the Castlefield Gallery, Sonic Acts Amsterdam, DINA Sheffield and the Holden Gallery.

💾 Technical Workshops 💾  

In addition to the SOS_20 lecture series participants will be invited to join weekly technical workshops run with experts in their field, introducing a contemporary, representational and investigative tool kit.

🟡 Creative Coding 🟡

In this first workshop, SOS_20 participants will work through a tailored tutorial on visualising data sets following a developed method from Stuart’s repertoire of drawing through code. Participants will use then use their own research as the basis for further investigation of visual representation and image making. By the end of the workshop participants will have knowledge of how to find and manipulate datasets from the web before using Visual Studio Code, Javascript, Webgl and Threejs.

🟡 3D Animation 🟡

In the second of our workshops, SOS_20 participants will develop their digital 3D making skills through walk-through tutorial of Cinema 4D followed by individual application to research and this year’s themes. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and/or develop their skills in animating their objects and landscapes to create original artworks.

🟡 Photogrammetry  🟡

The process of photogrammetry is the method of measurement using the data from digital images. In this workshop Ryan will take participants through the step by step process of rendering reality into digital 3 dimensions using just our smartphones. Through 3DF Zephyr software participants will quickly gain an understanding of the imaging process before having time to develop their own responses to their emerging projects and research.

🟡 Potential Wor(l)ds 🟡

Anna Bunting-Branch and Aliyah Hussain take us into a new world of communication, leaving our developed spoken language behind. Drawing on the experimental work of Suzette Haden Elgin, the artists will help participants to develop their own original methods of describing emotions and feelings to the other, one step beyond the often-inadequate use of words. Each participant will leave the session with a developed appreciation of language as a tool for representation as well as the theory behind the Láadan.


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