🔀 Guest Tutor 🔀

1️⃣ Our workshops are designed around a traditional tutor / student relationship and we aim to keep our ratio as low as possible, believing that students will develop their thinking through close relationships to mentors and inspirational practitioners just ahead of them.

2️⃣ Our guest tutors help run course, organise daily courses and support our students through our speculative design methodology. Tutors don’t necessarily need prior experience but we do need to know that you are competent in discussion and confident in working in teams and for individuals.

Building Without Bias (2018).
Hannah Rozenberg (SOS_19 Guest Tutor).

🔀 Guest Speaker 🔀

1️⃣ We’re really interested in working with artists, designers, architects, writers, craftspeople, illustrators, computer technologists, economists, basically anyone who is attempting to challenge their discipline and up for sharing their work in a cross-disciplinary environment.

2️⃣ Our guest speakers are purposefully far ranging and varied and we believe in demonstrating a breadth of emerging and new practice to students. You don’t have to be teaching or have any long title, we are interested in hearing and experiencing exciting work that will inspire students.  

The REAL Review, Issues 1-4.
Edited by Jack Self (SOS_19 Guest Speaker).


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