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⏺ SOS is looking for creative young minds that want to challenge society’s norms. The Summer Course is a demanding in design and theory and therefore asks that applicants have some prior knowledge of the Architecture and / or Design discipline(s). Students must be engaged with contemporary affairs and feel confident speaking to a class of their peers on their own views.

The School of Speculation logo (2019).

⏺ SOS will accept current university students and enthusiastic individuals of any age, ready to disrupt conventional thought and design. Together we will shape the future of design.

⏺ SOS believes that the increased presence of minority groups in architecture enriches the field of design, we strive to promote diversity and inclusivity in all forms and would encourage those from underrepresented groups in the fields of Art, Design and Architecture to apply for SOS_20. 


We at SOS hope that you, your friends and family are healthy. COVID-19 has caused much suffering and disruption to date and will continue to in the coming months.

We are working on the assumption that SOS_20 will continue in July / August, however, there may be disruptions to the course. We are in constant communication with all of our partners, trying to make the SOS_20 Design Residency a reality and success.

We will endeavour to ensure SOS_20 takes place and will run the course digitally if necessary. If SOS_20 does have to be cancelled we will give successful applicants one months prior notice.

That being said we fully expect the course to occur and are really excited to deliver our first FREE design residency. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Take care and stay safe!

Address: Nomadic
@sos_xyz_ on Insta & Twitter