Design and Arts education cannot continue to be dictated by a market driven agenda, nor can independent critical thought sustain the gradual debasement of value by the university. The School of Speculation is a nomadic design school, traveling between schools and existing pedagogical institutions to form a new model of affordable, independent and critical thought.

︎ The State of British Arts Education

︎ 01 Design and Architecture should interrogate, confront and challenge the status quo

︎ 02 Design and Architecture must be free in order to achieve accessibility

︎ 03 An alternative to the higher educational model must be found

︎ 04+ The Future SOS

A: Nomadic
S: sos_xyz_


Design and Architecture must be free in order to achieve accessibility.

SOS is an independent and nomadic critical design school that aims to challenge current models of delivering higher education. Through partnerships between museums, galleries, libraries and other public institutions, SOS aims to build relationships between the diverse latent pedagogy in our cities to create a different kind of educational offer.

Universities today gravitate toward market-driven education, not only through the education as product model, but in their delivery of market-ready students. SOS disputes this approach. SOS is an alternative model of education afforded by its own institutional framework outside of the traditional university. SOS is workshops, speakers’ events, summer schools, writings, lectures and discussion, making and drawing, visualising and critiquing the status quo using critical design.

The 59th Factory of Culture (2018). Dele Awoyemi (SOS_19 Guest Tutor).