Design and Arts education cannot continue to be dictated by a market driven agenda, nor can independent critical thought sustain the gradual debasement of value by the university. The School of Speculation is a nomadic design school, traveling between schools and existing pedagogical institutions to form a new model of affordable, independent and critical thought.

︎ The State of British Arts Education

︎ 01 Design and Architecture should interrogate, confront and challenge the status quo

︎ 02 Design and Architecture must be free in order to achieve accessibility

︎ 03 An alternative to the higher educational model must be found

︎ 04+ The Future SOS

A: Nomadic
S: sos_xyz_


Design and Architecture should interrogate, confront and challenge the status quo.

Critical design is an under represented form of counter – affirmative design, allowing space for designers to critique contemporary society through the power of their medium. Education in design and architecture has been relegated to solving the issues of a pro-capitalist elite, but this does not have to be your only agency as a designer!

Design and architecture has the potential to be something other than the backdrop to the everyday. Uniquely positioned at the junction between culture, politics and economics it can challenge society, provoking the current unquestioned norms around us.

Traditionally, this methodology has been reserved to an elite establishment of higher education in the UK. SOS aims to demolish this tenet, democratising a way of doing things and making critical design accessible.

A Control Room for a Lottocratic Nation (2018). Dele Awoyemi (SOS_19 Guest Tutor).